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Honoring Her cycle, deepening connection with your womb. Encouraging free it's a natural way. Using nature-made materials for your body's best nourishment, and caring for Mother nature, which is the only way to reconnect with your womb.  

what is yoni egg?

Since ancient times, people have used an egg-shaped form for yoni training. The egg is a very feminine symbol that reminds us of children and care, of conception and vitality, of life, harmony, and fertility. There is a lot of energy hidden in the egg. In addition, the shape of an egg is physiological for a woman, it is convenient to carry it inside. 

The word ‘yoni’ means sacred space and is the symbol of the Goddess or Shakti in Hinduism. The practice of strengthening the pelvic floor with jade or yoni eggs began by the queens of Ancient China. These secret practices are now being rediscovered and taught to many women who want to create a more vibrant life.

Also, make sure you purchase real gem yoni eggs and not the fake ones that are circulating widely on the internet. You are placing this gem inside your sacred space, so you want to ensure it contains all the powerful elements of precious stones.”

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